The souvenirs for 2018 year are:


The Bees miniature sheet with Ireland’s first hexagonal shaped stamps  click-here

a further 2016 Centenary of Easter Rising miniature sheet (different from last year) depicting “The Participants” click-here

and a special Lusitania postcard to mark the centenary of the sinking (An Post will issue a Lusitania stamp on 4th October)            click-here           

all specially overprinted to commemorate STAMPA 2018.


The Public Souvenir for 2018 is the World Meeting of Families miniature sheet with  a STAMPA overprint            click-here                                                                                  

There was a special postmark on a different theme for each day of the exhibition.

The subjects are World Meeting of Families (5th October), Bees (6th October) and RMS Leinster (7th October)

A set of 3 covers with the postmarks can be purchased – see membership form                     click-here                                                             


View the three 2017 Covers  (the 2017 covers will be available to view in September)            click-here                                                                   

View the three 2017 Postmarks  (2018 postmarks will be available to view in September)      click-here                                                 

Buy any or all of the 2018 items via the membership form            click-here