The souvenirs for 2017 year will be the:

One of the Commissioners of Irish Lights (Lighthouses) booklet panes  click-here

along with a further 2016 Centenary of Easter Rising miniature sheet (different from last year) depicting “Easter Week”  click-here

and a specially printed Kingsbridge (now Heuston) Station postcard click-here

all specially overprinted to commemorate STAMPA 2017.

The Public Souvenir for 2017 will be the upcoming Irish Railways Stations miniature sheet with  a STAMPA overprint click-here


There will be a special postmark on a different theme on each day of the exhibition. The subjects will be (Trains  – 6th October), 100 Irish Objects (7th October) and Commissioners of Irish Lights (8th October)

A set of 3 covers with the postmarks can be ordered now – see membership form  click-here


Please note : We are now sold out of the Stampa 2016 Membership Souvenirs.


View the 2016 Postmarks  (Images for 2017 Postmarks coming soon) click-here


Buy all of the above via the membership form – click-here