1.  The ½d stamp of the Falkland Islands  – Vermeil

John Baverstock

2.  Irish Definitive Coil Stamps 1922 to 1940

Robert Benninghoff – Gold plus

the David Feldman Trophy, the Irish Security Stamp Printing Limited Trophy and the JE Foley Memorial Medal

3.  A Very Simple Collection

Stan Challis  – Silver

4.  British West Indies

Norman Finnie  – Vermeil

5.  The Seahorse Overprints At Home and Abroad

Martino Laurenzi  – Gold

6.  Kingdom of Italy 1863-1879, The De La Rue Series

David Sweeney  – Gold plus

Whyte’s Trophy (Best Foreign Traditional Exhibit)

7.  The First Irish Europa Stamps in 1960

Robert Dombrowski  – Bronze


9. IRC – International Reply Coupons sold in Ireland

Hans Bergdolt  – Vermeil


10. Postal History of the Allied Forces in Egypt – 1939 to 1945

Brian Callan  – Vermeil plus

the FE Dixon Shield (Best Postal History Exhibit)

12.  Aspects of Irish Postal History, 1631-1840

Desmond Norton  – Silver


14.  The Supporting Role of the Czechoslovakian Postal

Service to Czech Civil Aviation  Gerry ByrneVermeil


15.  Bridging the Divide

Brian Harmon Gold

Charles O’Neill Trophy (Best Thematic exhibit)


16. HMAV Bounty

Alan Farrell – Vermeil plus

The Michael Giffney Salver (Best Open Philately exhibit)

17.  The History of Cork Airport – 1928 to 2015

“Mick Maddock”  – Bronze

18.  Straits Settlements

Brian O’Connell  – Bronze


Postal History

19.  The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1926 

Robert Benninghoff  – Vermeil

plus the Éire Philatelic Association Certificate                                        

20.  Legal and Illegal

Nicola Challis – Vermeil

21.  British Surcharge Marks on Irish Mail 1986-1998

“Rod” –  Silver


22.  Graf Zeppelin Mail from Paraguay  1931-1937

Brian Callan  – Gold plus

the William Kane Trophy (Best Aerophilatelic exhibit) and

the Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland Trophy  (Best One Frame entry)

23.  Irish Airmail Varieties – Or Otherwise?

Pat Lynch  –  Silver-Bronze


24.  Robert Ballagh: Postage Stamps of Ireland 1973-2003

“Lucia” – Certificate

25.  Giants of Science and Medicine

“Dr Who?” – Silver-Bronze

26.  The Atlantic Salmon – King of the Rivers

Richard Lutticken  – Silver

27.  The River Liffey

Pamela Reynolds Reilly  – Bronze


28. Irish Free State – Plates, Controls and Overprint Settings

Barry Cousins  –  Gold

29. The International Reply Coupons of Ireland

Hans Bergdolt  –  Vermeil


30. John Henry Newman  – Gwyn Bennett Trophy

Angelo Bottone (Best Novice exhibit)

The Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland Medal for services to Irish philately was presented to Heloïse Mitchell, John Fitzsimons and John Greer.