New Under-17 Youth Class for Stampa 2021

Have you begun collecting and wondered what you can do with your collection? How about exhibiting? Exhibiting gives you an opportunity to plan and prepare your collection for display at a public exhibition.

At Stampa we already have a Novice Class that caters for more experienced collectors, but now a new Youth Class is being introduced for anyone under 17 for which there will be no entry fee. This will be ideally suited to younger beginners who want to develop their philatelic knowledge and presentation skills in preparation for the main competition.

The display rules are that the entry is one frame (16 x A4 sheets) of philatelic (stamp related) material on any topic or theme. The entrant must be under 17 years old and can be an individual or a group. This new class will begin at next year’s show in October 2021 and all entries will be awarded a certificate.

This type of exhibit is similar to the Thematic Class at Stampa. It should include postage stamps and other philatelic material on a certain theme or topic. It is best to have an introduction page and arrange the exhibit in a logical order, or chronologically if the display is related to a timeline or historical event.

Stamps can be attached to the pages with mounts or stamp hinges. For items other than stamps photo corners can be used. Each page should be in an A4 exhibition protector. A basic system of captions or brief write-up to describe the theme alongside or under the material is preferred. If this new class is successful, we hope to expand it to include sub-classes for the under 10s and for those between 10 and 17 years of age.

Initially, please forward an entry form by Monday 20th September 2021.

Download an entry form here